District Community Plan

In 2013, we initiated the development of the Willaston District Community Plan

A separate group was set up to take this forward

WDCPConsiderable consultation was done with the village to get residents’ views on what they liked about the village and surrounding area and what they would like to see improved.  These were drawn into an action plan, with 42 actions which was then handed back to the Residents’ Society.

We have looked at the 42 actions in the plan and categorised them as to how easy they are to implement.  Some actions are relatively easy to take forward or are already being acted upon, whereas others will need considerable effort to take forward. The resulting Implementation Plan codes actions as red, yellow or green on this basis.  Many actions – and most of those intermediate ones that are coloured yellow – require volunteers to take them forward, as most of the WR&CS committee members are already very busy and will struggle to take on responsibility for anything else.  If you would be interested in leading on a working group to develop one of these actions, please contact us.  The Implementation Plan has been reviewed and updated in January 2018 and a copy is available below.

 January 18 WDCP Implementation plan update

The plan led to the development of the play area appeal and the formation of the Friends of Hadlow Road Station and has informed many of our responses to planning applications.

The plan hand over

Paul Janvier, Chair of the Willaston District Community Plan committee hands over the final version of the plan to Chris Hampshire, Chair of WR&CS

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