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A key item at every meeting is to look at the latest planning applications in our area and comment on them.  Our general principles in commenting are:

  • to protect the Green Belt area around Willaston so that we remain a rural community;
  • to preserve the Conservation area within the village and maintain its unique character;
  • to ensure that any new development in Willaston maintains or enhances the existing village character.

We have developed some planning guidelines which we use to determine how we respond to any application.  To read them, click here: WR&CS Planning Guidelines

If you have any concerns you wish to raise or would like to discuss local planning applications, please contact us.

Monthly Planning Reports

For copies of our monthly planning report, detailing the applications made and our submission to CWaC Planning  Department please click on the links below.


May 2018 Planning Report 

April 2018 Planning Report

March 2018 Planning Report

February 2018 Planning Report

January 2018 Planning Report


December 2017 Planning Report

November 2017 Planning Report

October 2017 Planning Report

August 2017 Planning Report

July 2017 Planning Report

June 2017 Planning Report

May 2017 Planning Report

April 2017 Planning Report

March 2017 Planning Report

February 2017 Planning Report

January 2017 Planning Report