For further discussion on the matter below, a Village Meeting has been arranged for FRIDAY 17th MAY from 7 – 9pm

A meeting of WR&CS Committee recently took place. This highlighted again that finding willing volunteers to take on the various vacant roles, or even take a lead on specific projects identified by Residents, is impossible. Significant Officer roles remain unfilled despite our continued efforts to recruit to these key positions. It appears that there is a degree of apathy in the village in general relating to WR&CS.

In addition to the above, in 2023 the Society received a Subject Access Request (SAR), under data protection legislation. Resolving this, and Legal advice obtained, made it clear that the structure of the Society in its present form is inappropriate and should change as soon as possible. The current Constitution and rules were found to be inadequate and would require significant change to avoid personal liability to the members of Management Committee, who are all volunteers.

At the recent meeting it was agreed by the Committee that the situation was unacceptable and that the organisation as it currently stands is untenable. Several Officers have also confirmed that they will not seek re-election at the next AGM, and/or will resign. Legal advice received verifies that if the Society were to continue, it should perhaps become a formal, incorporated body which could provide legal protection for those involved; examples of such organisations are a Company Limited by Guarantee, a Community Benefit Society, or a Parish Council could be established. Even if a new organisation was to be set up, WR&CS must close and cease its operations before any new organisation/company could start afresh to protect against any historical issues. The meeting on May 17th is an opportunity to discuss the options.

So, in accordance with the WR&CS Constitution, a Special General Meeting will be held for WR&CS to close in its current form. This meeting has been arranged for Friday 20th Sept. 2024 at 7pm in the Memorial Hall. The Officers wish to emphasise that this is not their preferred choice but feel they are left with no other option.

Please note any assets and protected funds remaining will be distributed amongst other village organisations within the district of Willaston as determined by the Management Committee at the date of the dissolution. This particularly affects the ownership & operation of the Christmas lights on the Green. The WR&CS Lottery, website and Facebook pages will also cease to operate.

If you wish to have a say in what you want for this village, please attend the meeting on 17th May

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