Did you know that Willaston has its own lottery?  This is the main source of funding for the Residents’ Society and enables us to meet regularly and help fund projects in the village. There are currently five prizes each month of between £10 and £25.  Tickets for 2016-17 are now available and cost £12.

At our meeting in January 2016, we agreed to put £500 from the Lottery proceeds into the Play area appeal to kick-start the second stage of the play area developments and in May 2016, £500 went to Friends of Hadlow Road Station.

Click here to download a copy of the Lottery Application Form 2015

Click here for a copy of the Lottery Rules.

Lottery Winners

Recent Lottery winners are:

August 2017

  • 1st Brian Jones
  • 2nd David Walker
  • 3rd Wendy Arden
  • 4th Daniel Delmotte
  • 5th Angela Watson

June 2017

  • 1st Margaret Smyth
  • 2nd Gaye Gibbs
  • 3rd Diane Knight
  • 4th Judith Horsburgh
  • 5th Jane Townsend

April 2017

  • 1st Barry Vowles
  • 2nd Barbara Shelbourne
  • 3rd Sue Unsworth
  • 4th Pat James
  • 5th Keith Edwards

March 2017

  • 1st Carol Mercer
  • 2nd Gordon Richmond
  • 3rd Elizabeth Dalton
  • 4th Ged Weeden
  • 5th Jean King

February 2017

  • 1st Rob King
  • 2nd Ruth Hardy Birt
  • 3rd Dot Kirk
  • 4th Steve Cope
  • 5th Rod Jessop

January 2017

  • 1st Sarah Shannon
  • 2nd Sue Unsworth
  • 3rd Ben Jackson
  • 4th Sheena Chalmers
  • 5th Irene Marsh

December 2016

  • 1st Judith Brown
  • 2nd S. Arden
  • 3rd Eileen MacDonald
  • 4th Barbara Ingram
  • 5th Jenny Jackson

November 2016

  • 1st Paul Janvier
  • 2nd Cath Cope
  • 3rd Barbara Morris
  • 4th Christine Haynes
  • 5th Anne Costello

October 2016

  • 1st Fiona Ennis
  • 2nd David Walker
  • 3rd Anne Hughes
  • 4th Susan Spraggon
  • 5th Martin Eves

September 2016

  • 1st Jill Lessels
  • 2nd Ben Jackson
  • 3rd Gordon Richmond
  • 4th Joan Davies
  • 5th Silvia Boswell