K6 Telephone Kiosk

The K6 telephone kiosk that has stood on the platform of Hadlow Road Station for many years has now been removed and transported to Norfolk for a full refurbishment at a cost of over £4,500. This money was raised by Friends of Hadlow Road Station (FHRS) through various successful grant applications over the last 2 years. The restoration work will be undertaken over the next couple of months and the K6 telephone kiosk will be returned to Hadlow Road Station in a pristine condition and put back in the same location.

To see a short video of the removal of the kiosk, click here.


Hadlow Road Station Cafe


Hadlow Road Station Cafe – Breakfast Brunch

Sunday 30th July from 10.30am to 1.30pm

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Bacon brunch (vegetarian alternative)

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